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7 re-portables in one device, with dedicated alarms.

The latest engine monitor in the range is the Madman EMS3 designed and manufactured in South Africa.

The Madman EMS3 requires additional sensors and adapters which can be purchased separately or as a kit

​The main features of the Madman EMS3 are

  • High resolution, high brightness colour screen
  • 52mm round automotive housing
  • Dedicated EGT / Thermocouple input with timelapse display
  • Dedicated Coolant Level Detector input
  • Dedicated RPM input
  • External buzzer output
  • Customizable auto dimming sensor for bright or dark environments
  • 4 separately customisable analogue inputs can be used as:
    • Pressure Inputs such as Oil, Boost, Fuel, Air etc
    • Temperature Inputs such as Coolant, Oil, Air etc
    • Can also be used as On-Off- inputs
    • User editable input names
  • Voltage of supply  battery
  • Engine running hours / Service Timer with voltage trigger
  • Each function has customizable high and low ‘Caution’ and ‘Alarm’ set points
  • Each function has preset sensors or can be calibrated to suit almost any sensor
  • 2 Outputs, individually selectable from any function can be enabled to switch relay outputs
  • CAN Bus output for later development such as OBDII and Datalogger integration
  • Flash upgradable software

National Luna

National Luna Dual Battery Monitors are ideal for monitoring 2 lead-acid batteries in a single installation such as dual-battery systems in 4x4's and campers. The digital technology used in the dual monitors allows the non-linear characteristics of lead-acid batteries to be accurately followed.

A feature of one of the National Luna dual battery monitors is the independent negative - allowing this particular model to be used in vehicles with 24V systems. Dual battery monitors can be used independently, or in combination with any dual-battery system.

The Dual battery controller is specifically designed to be combined with the National Luna split-charge systems (Intelligent Solenoid or Portable Power Pack). This model allows the user to over-ride the split-charge system's built-in timer, useful for winching or start assistance when the main battery is too low.